Monday, May 14, 2012

This is a hated Culinary Many People

Shark fins are considered a luxury in Chinese cuisine since the Ming Dynasty kings for food was delicious the first time more than 400 years ago. However, ways of capturing sharks unsustainable and cruel to shark populations are increasingly threatened with extinction. On Sunday, more than 150 activists rallied to raise awareness about environmental issues and shark populations associated with the sale of shark fins.

Under the hot weather, the activists deliver a letter containing an appeal to the head of the new Hong Kong government, CY Leung, to prohibit serving shark fin dishes at the events official government meetings.

According to Rachel Vickerstaff of Shark Foundation Hong Kong, a city in southern China was the top destination for more than half of world trade in shark fins, which is worth more than $ 500 million a year.

"Our goal is to increase public awareness about what we are doing and make CY Leung know why he needs to save the sharks," he said.

Sharks are protected under the Convention on International Trade for Endangered Species (Convention on international calls Trade in Endangered Species / CITES). However, Vickerstaff calculated that about 70 million sharks are killed each year to meet growing demand for shark fin growing among the wealthy Chinese.

Vickerstaff said again, "the Government of Hong Kong using CITES as a cover. CITES is almost no work, because it only imposed a ban on international trade of three species of shark. However, the International Union for the Protection of Nature noted there are over 100 species that are endangered or nearing extinction. "

Now, shark fin soup served in a variety of business events and weddings as a symbol of high status. Depending on the quality of shark, shark fin soup costs more than $ 100, while the retail price of the rear fin whale shark reaches $ 20,000.

The protection of endangered species from over-fishing said the negative impact to marine ecosystems. But they say there is good news, the young generation in China more reluctant to eat shark fin.

Nina Whittaker, a student at the Academy of Li Po Chun United World, said the trend is not only due to the protection of endangered species, but also because of how cruel is done when the fishermen catch sharks.

"They attract sharks to the boat and cut the fins, shark after it was thrown again into the sea. Sharks can not swim without fins, and it's a very painful way to die. So there are many hundreds of shark carcasses at sea. Really like garbage, "he said.

To continue to pressure the government of Hong Kong, in the coming weeks groups of endangered species protection to the CY Leung will deliver a statement from 40 internationally renowned scientists who emphasize environmental reasons on the importance of an end to shark fin trade.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Legend Coffee, Wine Muslim

A man named Khalid was tending Arab goats in the Kaffa region, southern Ethiopia. He noticed the goat to be seen more passionate and excited after eating small fruits, such as dark-colored berries. Curiosity made him pick and bring home the fruits are eaten by the goats.

When I got home, was cooked fruits that contain seeds that are large enough. Khalid has made the first coffee drink of the fruit was originally called bun. Since then, the coffee beans exported from Ethiopia to Yemen in the 10th century. Until the end of the 15th century, coffee has reached Makkah and Turkey, and then can be enjoyed by people of Egypt.

In the Middle East, Sufi people sipping coffee for the same reason the current coffee drinkers, that is to be maintained. The Sufis need coffee to assist in the rituals of remembrance through the night. Adherents of the congregation is believed to spread the coffee in the Arab world in the century 13 to 15 M. For this reason, coffee spread throughout the world, not only by traders and adventurers, but also by the pilgrims.

Starting a sheikh of the congregation Sha dziliyah who introduced coffee in Ethiopia. It is unclear who the character is, but it is believed he was Abul Hasan Ali ibn Umar who sit as judges in the reign of Sultan Sadaddin II in southern Ethiopia.

Sheikh Ali then went back to Yemen, carrying the knowledge that coffee beans are not only edible, but also can make the body awake all night. Currently, the sheikh has been named as trustee for the coffee growers and coffee lovers, of course. In Algeria, the coffee is sometimes referred to as "syadziliyah", in homage to the saint's coffee.

Coffee drinks qahwa named, said that usually ascribed to wine. For the Europeans who know coffee as a drink cool from Arabia, they called it a "wine of the Islamic world." When the Sufi introduce how to make coffee with coffee grounds in the cooking water, the Persians found that roasting coffee beans will be more gave off the aroma.

A Sufi named Abu Bakr ibn Abdullah Shadili Alaydrus very fascinated by the effects of coffee, so he created a poem (qasida) for coffee adores. Coffee lovers at that time was even introduced the term marqaha to the euphoria of the effects of coffee drinking.

Shaikh ibn Isma'il Ba Alawi claimed that drinking coffee is intended to strengthen the worship and faith can lead to conditions qahwa ma'nawiyah (qahwa is ideal) and al-Sufiyya qahwa, pleasant conditions when a servant of God can know the hidden secrets of the world This sky and world.

Sufi dervishes of Sufi adherents Syadziliyah include the most active in all worldly affairs. That said, the founders of this, Shaikh Abul Hasan ash-Syadzili reluctant to lift the student who does not have a job. So, coffee is considered to be beneficial to boost morale, which in turn could stimulate the economy.

In Makkah, where pilgrims gathering from all over the Muslim world, coffee is very popular. According to Arab historians, even the coffee served at the Grand Mosque. Therefore, there is rarely or birthday remembrance event in the absence of coffee treats. Al Azhar, Egypt also became the center of a coffee which is then used as a formal ritual. Writers of the 16th century, Ibn Abdul Ghaffar, tells about the atmosphere of the meeting or the adherents of the Sufi dervishes in Cairo.

'' They drink coffee every Monday and Friday, presenting it in a large container made of red clay. The leader then scooping the drink and handed it to his followers, from the right, while they mumbled lafadz lafadz-specific, usually La ilaha illallah.'' The Sufis in Yemen in the past, drinking coffee while reciting Ratib, remembrance by repeat said Yes Qawiyyu (O Owner of All Power) to 116 times.

Coffee legends go one step further with the story of Persia that the drinks had been served by the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad who was sleeping. Another story says that King Solomon never heal a city resident who suffered a mysterious illness with serving drinks from the coffee beans are roasted. That said, it was by order of the Angel Gabriel.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foods to Avoid When Moderate Stress

(Photo: thinkstock)
Jakarta, when stressed, anxious or depressed people sometimes take it out on food, but you should not choose the origin of food, because it could be the food is actually exacerbate existing conditions.
Certain foods such as chocolate or ice cream known to reduce stress. But there are also foods that can actually exacerbate the stress and should be avoided.
For that to know the foods that can create or aggravate stress, anxiety and depression, as quoted from, Thursday (09/22/2011), namely:
1. Coffee
These relationships usually come from sugar and caffeine in coffee. Generally after drinking coffee people will become more alert without knowing in advance what the cause of her stress, so that if the effect is lost then the feelings of stress or ceams will come again and perhaps could be worse.
2. Meat
It used a lot of people think the East, depressed after eating meat because of the guilt of having killed the animal themselves. But modern scientists can explain more scientific reasons. Eating meat can cause damage to insulin levels as well as some other systems in the body.
3. Alcohol
Alcohol can change the chemicals in the brain that makes people become more depressed in the long term. This condition makes people drink more than they should because it is difficult for him to feel better.
And the sad thing is for people who actually just a little stressed or depressed, it will be more depressed than ever after consuming alcohol.
4. Fast food
A recent study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry says that eating junk food or fast food will make a person depressed or worsen the condition compared with those who avoid such foods.
The best thing you can do when under stress is to eat fruits, vegetables, milk and other natural ingredients that can make a person better, and avoid foods that are processed and full of fat, salt.


Foods to Avoid When Moderate Stress

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee Can Ward Attack Stroke

Like coffee? The fragrant aroma of coffee and a bitter sweet taste can make the body fresh and eye opening. If taken regularly, coffee is not only delicious but also have properties including the prevention of stroke.
 This black-colored drink is bitter-bitter pleasant it became a favorite of many people as mandatory beverage in the morning. Behind the refreshing taste of coffee turns out to have important properties that can help lower the risk for stroke.
 The researchers said, those who regularly enjoy a drink in solid black, it is much less likely to suffer a stroke. Especially if you drink 3 to 4 cups or more coffee a day.
 The results have been published in the American Journal of Epidemiology stated that, dietary antioxidants in coffee could help smooth the flow of blood from the body to the brain. Including preventing blood clots in the brain and prevent elevated levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.
 This conclusion is drawn to the researchers after they see the results of 8 studies that discuss the benefits of coffee from those who like to drink coffee every day. The study was learned during the last 45 years.
 The study also found that those who drank two cups of coffee every day, have a risk of 14% less exposed to blood clotting in the brain that trigger the occurrence of stroke than those without.
 Meanwhile, for coffee lovers who always drank six cups or more per day, only to have a stroke risk reduction of about 7%. Research in Sweden claimed that drinking coffee regularly does impact both for the body, but if excessive can lead to health problems.

Coffee Can Ward Attack Stroke

Monday, September 19, 2011

Steamed Vegetables healthier, You see How to Process..

Steaming is one of the fastest and most efficient way to cook fresh vegetables. In addition, also in better health than the boil.
Steamed vegetables retain their nutrients capable, not decomposed in water, as if boiled. Besides, we can save energy as well. You can steam vegetables while cooking rice in a rice cooker stacking, for example.
How to serve it too easy. You can combine them with the sauce, or sprinkled with your favorite salad dressing, or traditionally, combined with the peanut sauce: a gado-gado.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
What is needed:
    Vegetables (like broccoli, green beans, cabbage)
    Large pot lid
    metal basket or strainer (that fits in the pan)


1. Wash vegetables and place in basket or strainer.
2. Place a basket or strainer in the pot. Side of the basket or strainer should be prominent in the outer sides of the pan, allowing the basket or colander that will hang over the pan.
3. Place a little water in a saucepan. Never mind too much, enough to boil for several minutes.
4. Cover the pan with the lid loose. Make sure that is not sealed; no way for steam to come out, so that vegetables do not become brown color
5. Place the pan on the stove. Turn the stove on high temperature until the water begins to boil, then reduce after boiling.
6. Let the vegetables steam for 10-15 minutes hitting. Steamed vegetables ready to serve, good for salad, salad, or in eat right.


Steamed Vegetables healthier, You see How to Process..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Broccoli and Carrots Help Inhibition of Pancreatic Cancer
WORRY with the increasing number of cancer patients? For those of you a healthy, no need to panic. You can perform a variety of prevention efforts, one way to easily multiply any intake of broccoli and carrots.
 International research team headed by scientists from India revealed that vitamin A is found in some foods such as carrots and broccoli can help you avoid cancer, pancreatic cancer types, including deadly. Once diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, most patients usually do not last more than a year.
 Dr Hemant Kocher of the Cancer Institute in London's Barts and The London NHS Trust, who led the project for four years along with the Universities of Cambridge and the Hub-recht Institute in the Netherlands, found that increasing levels of vitamin A in the healthy cells around the cancer may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
 "These findings lead to the survival rates are better and different treatment methods for pancreatic cancer that annually kills nearly 7,500 patients in England." Kocher said as quoted by the Daily Express.
 The study was based on a theory originally proposed in 1889. Clinical trials now being conducted at Barts, London, Kocher added.

Broccoli and Carrots Help Inhibition of Pancreatic Cancer

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Es Teler? Germans Say Is So Delicious ... Sluuurp

Es Teler
Es Teler? Germans Say Is So Delicious ... Sluuurp
LONDON - Indonesian traditional beverages such as Es Teler, Wedang Ronde, and Es Cendol popular German community who attended the event themed promotions Indonesia Food Meets Dance "held at room Wapensaal Embassy in Berlin, Berlin City Hall." Buildings the number one historic place in the Berlin office, the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, was crowded with about 350 people, although the capacity of only 250 people, "said Secretary III (the field of Information, Social and Cultural Rights) Embassy in Berlin, Purno Widodo, told Reuters London on Thursday.
They seemed keen to enjoy the culinary offerings and Indonesian art. "Es Teler Indonesia is so delicious, the sweet creamy taste really spoils my tongue," comments Director of Asia Pacific Week, Herald Penner, who was present in the Indonesian cultural performance in the series' Asia Pacific Week 'in Berlin entitled' Food, Water, and Health 'it.
When opening the "Food Meets Dance", the ambassador of Berlin Dr. Eddy Pratomo invites visitors to enjoy a variety of snacks and dance offerings archipelago which is a reflection of the richness of Indonesian culture that formed the foundation of socio-cultural Indonesia today.
Many Germans who had refused to enter and enjoy the culinary culture of Indonesia in the form of Java Nasi Goreng, Soto Bandung, Padang Satay, Gado-Gado Jakarta, Batagor, and other food for visitors has exceeded the capacity of the room.
Visitors dazzled by the appearance of Indonesian art at the main stage featuring folk dances such as Tari Indonesia Plate, Mask Dance, Dance joget Bali tube, and the Twelve Dancing Serampang. It also displayed poco-poco dance of interested visitors who want to dance with poco-poco movement with the dancers.
In fact, a visitor named Omar Jaramilo not miss capturing the atmosphere of the sketches in the scratches, because Indonesia was fascinated with the variety of dances with a sparkling dance clothes. "I do not want to miss this atmosphere, I have to record it with the ink water," said Omar, who are willing to stand for two hours in front of the stage to create a variety of sketch paintings.
Omar expressed his desire to be able to witness the natural beauty of Indonesia as seen at various tourism video that aired on the sidelines of the dance presentation. "I'd love to find the source of my inspiration painting in Indonesia," said Omar, who's worked as a painter.
In the event, "Indonesian Food and Food Corner Meets Dance", two groups of Indonesian art of Nan Jombang Dance Company of West Sumatra and South East Keroncong Ubiet and appeared in "Asia Pacific Week" invites admiration from the audience, held in separate places at prestigious opera house Berlin Haus der Welt der Kulter.
Two groups of art that became the cultural ambassador of Indonesia in Berlin was able to hypnotize the visitors with his performance and has managed to add insight and understanding about Indonesia German society. Embassy also participated held "Indonesian Food Corner" to promote the gastronomic Indonesia to the participants 'business meeting' which is one of the scroll event "Asia Pacific Week".


Es Teler Germans

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