Monday, May 14, 2012

This is a hated Culinary Many People

Shark fins are considered a luxury in Chinese cuisine since the Ming Dynasty kings for food was delicious the first time more than 400 years ago. However, ways of capturing sharks unsustainable and cruel to shark populations are increasingly threatened with extinction. On Sunday, more than 150 activists rallied to raise awareness about environmental issues and shark populations associated with the sale of shark fins.

Under the hot weather, the activists deliver a letter containing an appeal to the head of the new Hong Kong government, CY Leung, to prohibit serving shark fin dishes at the events official government meetings.

According to Rachel Vickerstaff of Shark Foundation Hong Kong, a city in southern China was the top destination for more than half of world trade in shark fins, which is worth more than $ 500 million a year.

"Our goal is to increase public awareness about what we are doing and make CY Leung know why he needs to save the sharks," he said.

Sharks are protected under the Convention on International Trade for Endangered Species (Convention on international calls Trade in Endangered Species / CITES). However, Vickerstaff calculated that about 70 million sharks are killed each year to meet growing demand for shark fin growing among the wealthy Chinese.

Vickerstaff said again, "the Government of Hong Kong using CITES as a cover. CITES is almost no work, because it only imposed a ban on international trade of three species of shark. However, the International Union for the Protection of Nature noted there are over 100 species that are endangered or nearing extinction. "

Now, shark fin soup served in a variety of business events and weddings as a symbol of high status. Depending on the quality of shark, shark fin soup costs more than $ 100, while the retail price of the rear fin whale shark reaches $ 20,000.

The protection of endangered species from over-fishing said the negative impact to marine ecosystems. But they say there is good news, the young generation in China more reluctant to eat shark fin.

Nina Whittaker, a student at the Academy of Li Po Chun United World, said the trend is not only due to the protection of endangered species, but also because of how cruel is done when the fishermen catch sharks.

"They attract sharks to the boat and cut the fins, shark after it was thrown again into the sea. Sharks can not swim without fins, and it's a very painful way to die. So there are many hundreds of shark carcasses at sea. Really like garbage, "he said.

To continue to pressure the government of Hong Kong, in the coming weeks groups of endangered species protection to the CY Leung will deliver a statement from 40 internationally renowned scientists who emphasize environmental reasons on the importance of an end to shark fin trade.

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