Thursday, September 15, 2011

Es Teler? Germans Say Is So Delicious ... Sluuurp

Es Teler
Es Teler? Germans Say Is So Delicious ... Sluuurp
LONDON - Indonesian traditional beverages such as Es Teler, Wedang Ronde, and Es Cendol popular German community who attended the event themed promotions Indonesia Food Meets Dance "held at room Wapensaal Embassy in Berlin, Berlin City Hall." Buildings the number one historic place in the Berlin office, the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, was crowded with about 350 people, although the capacity of only 250 people, "said Secretary III (the field of Information, Social and Cultural Rights) Embassy in Berlin, Purno Widodo, told Reuters London on Thursday.
They seemed keen to enjoy the culinary offerings and Indonesian art. "Es Teler Indonesia is so delicious, the sweet creamy taste really spoils my tongue," comments Director of Asia Pacific Week, Herald Penner, who was present in the Indonesian cultural performance in the series' Asia Pacific Week 'in Berlin entitled' Food, Water, and Health 'it.
When opening the "Food Meets Dance", the ambassador of Berlin Dr. Eddy Pratomo invites visitors to enjoy a variety of snacks and dance offerings archipelago which is a reflection of the richness of Indonesian culture that formed the foundation of socio-cultural Indonesia today.
Many Germans who had refused to enter and enjoy the culinary culture of Indonesia in the form of Java Nasi Goreng, Soto Bandung, Padang Satay, Gado-Gado Jakarta, Batagor, and other food for visitors has exceeded the capacity of the room.
Visitors dazzled by the appearance of Indonesian art at the main stage featuring folk dances such as Tari Indonesia Plate, Mask Dance, Dance joget Bali tube, and the Twelve Dancing Serampang. It also displayed poco-poco dance of interested visitors who want to dance with poco-poco movement with the dancers.
In fact, a visitor named Omar Jaramilo not miss capturing the atmosphere of the sketches in the scratches, because Indonesia was fascinated with the variety of dances with a sparkling dance clothes. "I do not want to miss this atmosphere, I have to record it with the ink water," said Omar, who are willing to stand for two hours in front of the stage to create a variety of sketch paintings.
Omar expressed his desire to be able to witness the natural beauty of Indonesia as seen at various tourism video that aired on the sidelines of the dance presentation. "I'd love to find the source of my inspiration painting in Indonesia," said Omar, who's worked as a painter.
In the event, "Indonesian Food and Food Corner Meets Dance", two groups of Indonesian art of Nan Jombang Dance Company of West Sumatra and South East Keroncong Ubiet and appeared in "Asia Pacific Week" invites admiration from the audience, held in separate places at prestigious opera house Berlin Haus der Welt der Kulter.
Two groups of art that became the cultural ambassador of Indonesia in Berlin was able to hypnotize the visitors with his performance and has managed to add insight and understanding about Indonesia German society. Embassy also participated held "Indonesian Food Corner" to promote the gastronomic Indonesia to the participants 'business meeting' which is one of the scroll event "Asia Pacific Week".


Es Teler Germans

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