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Legend Coffee, Wine Muslim

A man named Khalid was tending Arab goats in the Kaffa region, southern Ethiopia. He noticed the goat to be seen more passionate and excited after eating small fruits, such as dark-colored berries. Curiosity made him pick and bring home the fruits are eaten by the goats.

When I got home, was cooked fruits that contain seeds that are large enough. Khalid has made the first coffee drink of the fruit was originally called bun. Since then, the coffee beans exported from Ethiopia to Yemen in the 10th century. Until the end of the 15th century, coffee has reached Makkah and Turkey, and then can be enjoyed by people of Egypt.

In the Middle East, Sufi people sipping coffee for the same reason the current coffee drinkers, that is to be maintained. The Sufis need coffee to assist in the rituals of remembrance through the night. Adherents of the congregation is believed to spread the coffee in the Arab world in the century 13 to 15 M. For this reason, coffee spread throughout the world, not only by traders and adventurers, but also by the pilgrims.

Starting a sheikh of the congregation Sha dziliyah who introduced coffee in Ethiopia. It is unclear who the character is, but it is believed he was Abul Hasan Ali ibn Umar who sit as judges in the reign of Sultan Sadaddin II in southern Ethiopia.

Sheikh Ali then went back to Yemen, carrying the knowledge that coffee beans are not only edible, but also can make the body awake all night. Currently, the sheikh has been named as trustee for the coffee growers and coffee lovers, of course. In Algeria, the coffee is sometimes referred to as "syadziliyah", in homage to the saint's coffee.

Coffee drinks qahwa named, said that usually ascribed to wine. For the Europeans who know coffee as a drink cool from Arabia, they called it a "wine of the Islamic world." When the Sufi introduce how to make coffee with coffee grounds in the cooking water, the Persians found that roasting coffee beans will be more gave off the aroma.

A Sufi named Abu Bakr ibn Abdullah Shadili Alaydrus very fascinated by the effects of coffee, so he created a poem (qasida) for coffee adores. Coffee lovers at that time was even introduced the term marqaha to the euphoria of the effects of coffee drinking.

Shaikh ibn Isma'il Ba Alawi claimed that drinking coffee is intended to strengthen the worship and faith can lead to conditions qahwa ma'nawiyah (qahwa is ideal) and al-Sufiyya qahwa, pleasant conditions when a servant of God can know the hidden secrets of the world This sky and world.

Sufi dervishes of Sufi adherents Syadziliyah include the most active in all worldly affairs. That said, the founders of this, Shaikh Abul Hasan ash-Syadzili reluctant to lift the student who does not have a job. So, coffee is considered to be beneficial to boost morale, which in turn could stimulate the economy.

In Makkah, where pilgrims gathering from all over the Muslim world, coffee is very popular. According to Arab historians, even the coffee served at the Grand Mosque. Therefore, there is rarely or birthday remembrance event in the absence of coffee treats. Al Azhar, Egypt also became the center of a coffee which is then used as a formal ritual. Writers of the 16th century, Ibn Abdul Ghaffar, tells about the atmosphere of the meeting or the adherents of the Sufi dervishes in Cairo.

'' They drink coffee every Monday and Friday, presenting it in a large container made of red clay. The leader then scooping the drink and handed it to his followers, from the right, while they mumbled lafadz lafadz-specific, usually La ilaha illallah.'' The Sufis in Yemen in the past, drinking coffee while reciting Ratib, remembrance by repeat said Yes Qawiyyu (O Owner of All Power) to 116 times.

Coffee legends go one step further with the story of Persia that the drinks had been served by the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad who was sleeping. Another story says that King Solomon never heal a city resident who suffered a mysterious illness with serving drinks from the coffee beans are roasted. That said, it was by order of the Angel Gabriel.

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