Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foods to Avoid When Moderate Stress

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Jakarta, when stressed, anxious or depressed people sometimes take it out on food, but you should not choose the origin of food, because it could be the food is actually exacerbate existing conditions.
Certain foods such as chocolate or ice cream known to reduce stress. But there are also foods that can actually exacerbate the stress and should be avoided.
For that to know the foods that can create or aggravate stress, anxiety and depression, as quoted from, Thursday (09/22/2011), namely:
1. Coffee
These relationships usually come from sugar and caffeine in coffee. Generally after drinking coffee people will become more alert without knowing in advance what the cause of her stress, so that if the effect is lost then the feelings of stress or ceams will come again and perhaps could be worse.
2. Meat
It used a lot of people think the East, depressed after eating meat because of the guilt of having killed the animal themselves. But modern scientists can explain more scientific reasons. Eating meat can cause damage to insulin levels as well as some other systems in the body.
3. Alcohol
Alcohol can change the chemicals in the brain that makes people become more depressed in the long term. This condition makes people drink more than they should because it is difficult for him to feel better.
And the sad thing is for people who actually just a little stressed or depressed, it will be more depressed than ever after consuming alcohol.
4. Fast food
A recent study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry says that eating junk food or fast food will make a person depressed or worsen the condition compared with those who avoid such foods.
The best thing you can do when under stress is to eat fruits, vegetables, milk and other natural ingredients that can make a person better, and avoid foods that are processed and full of fat, salt.


Foods to Avoid When Moderate Stress

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