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Eating Chocolate and Laughing Make Healthy Heart

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Jakarta - Laughing off the panacea that makes the body more healthy. Especially if coupled with eating sticky and bitter chocolate. The combination of both is very good for your heart health.

Two studies reported in the European Society of Cardiology conference in Paris brought good news. They found that chocolate consumption laugh out loud and bring nice effects for heart health.

In previous research found that stress can cause blood vessels to contract. The team from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore examined whether positive emotions can have a positive effect. Respondents are very different reaction.

When playing movies drama into the blood stream slowly. In contrast when playing comedy is very different reaction. 'Major changes occur in the same endothelium after laughing like after aerobic condition, so says Dr.. Michael Miller, chairman of the research quoted by the Huftington Post.

According to Dr. Miller, should be laughed off as a lifestyle. 'Eating vegetables, exercise and laugh every day,' so he advised.

In a second research team from the University of Cambridge, add chocolate on their list. As it is known that dark chocolate contains antioxidants has a number of benefits. For example, lowering blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity.

Researchers also warned not to eat chocolate cake or chocolate with the addition of a high-calorie sweetener. This type of chocolate will cause rise in blood sugar and risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Instead, while watching comedy movies, you can laugh out loud and happy, eat a few pieces of healthy chocolate. Chocolate is pure and contains about 60% cacao mess with no added sugar is recommended.

reference: Odilia Winneke - detikFood

Chocolate Healthy Heart

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