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Prevent Dehydration While Fasting

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Often weak or dizzy during the fasting? Do not consider this a trivial, if the bodies 'thirst' can occur serious health problems. There are simple ways to make increase the intake of fluids into the body.

For people who are fasting, the toughest challenge is to resist the thirst especially coupled with the hot weather. Despite the temptation to drink can still be overcome, should still be vigilant.

Dehydration not only make the mouth and dry skin, thirst, sleepiness, and headaches. But also can cause serious complications. At the time of hot air, you should increase your intake of water into the body. The balance of food and beverage intake is the key to be free from dehydration

In order for fasting to walk comfortably, there are a few simple tricks that can be tried to increase the body's fluids. Not only in the form of liquid water. The following trick you can try.

Meet the needs of the fluid
Drink 2 liters of mineral water every day regularly at dawn and breaking to avoid dehydration. Reduce sugary drinks and when dawn broke in order to prevent the excessive discharge of urine, which can stimulate the thirst more quickly arise.

Vegetables and fruit
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables at dawn and breaking can cause your body to avoid dehydration. Fiber in fruits and vegetables are also good to maintain satiety for longer. Choose fruits with high water content such as melon, watermelon, oranges, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Note the color of urine
If the intake of fluids in the body properly fulfilled, the urine will be pale straw. However, if the color is concentrated, meaning that the body will be less liquid. To fulfill it is to drink mineral water multiply when breaking the fast and dawn.

Drinks available
Get used to always be available mineral water wherever located. Bring drinking water when traveling so that after opening up the night can still drink at any time until the dawn of time.

Create your own fruit juice
Not only is enough with mineral water, adequate intake of fluids can also be obtained from fresh fruit juices. Try to make combinations of several fresh fruits without added sugar for optimal usefulness.
Dehydration Fasting

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