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Fruit Tin and A Million Worth

JAKARTA - Fruit Tin. His name may be familiar to our ears. In the Qur'an there are any letters about this fruit. But we rarely or even not seen the fruit. In Indonesia is still a few people who tried to breed her.
If you go to Jakarta, there is one tin of fruit nurseries. Located on the road Cipinang Jaya no. 17, the nursery is breeding a variety of fig tree. This place also organizes courses and counseling planting fig trees.
Kelvin, a nursery employee, said the previous fig tree does not exist in Indonesia. He had to import from the country of origin. "Fruit is the fruit of a productive tin for continuous fruit without knowing the season," he explained. Fig fruit is unique. He fruiting but not flowering.
The fruit has many varieties. At least there are twelve kinds of fruit, fig. Among them are Jordan, fig purple, red Palestine, Turkey red, brown turkey, negronne, black Ischia, Libya, Turkey black, long yellow, panace tiger, and Flanders. But in the nursery there are only six varieties, Jordan, fig purple, red Palestine, Brown Turkey, Libya, Turkey and black.
More and Black, The Sweet
Jordan fig tree is the most famous in Indonesia. "This type is most often bear fruit," says Kelvin. Planted in pots too often fruitful. When ripe, the fruit will turn yellow. Jordan fig fruit flavors are sweet compared to most other fig fruit.
Brown turkey fig species were classified as fruitful despite diligent in pots. It was sweet but not as sweet as Jordan. As the name suggests, the fruit is brown.
"The dark, sweet fruit growing," he added.
Tin has purple leaves karakeristik different. If the other tin has five segmented leaves, purple tin has a threefold and thick leaves like teak leaves. "Generally makes a small still not been segmented," he explained. The downside of this type, only bear fruit if planted in the ground.
Tin libya has a thicker leaf. the fruit is smaller than the other tin of fruit, approximately only half of the other tin of fruit. The red tin red called Palestine. The leaves are similar to Libya. If it is still small, green fruit with red tip. Are still scarce and it is being attempted breeding black turkey. The fruit is bigger and black. The leaves are too big.
Benefits of Fruit Tin
Many benefits are owned by the fruit of fig. Fig fruits contain potassium, omega three and omega six that serve to maintain high blood pressure and coronary heart attack. The content of coumarin in a tin of fruit can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Fig fruit also contains calcium to help prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density. High calcium content makes the fruit can be eaten as an alternative to tin intake of calcium for people who are allergic to dairy products.
The content of tryptophan was able to avoid insomnia and make good quality sleep. Pectin contained in the tin of fruit can help reduce blood cholesterol. Fig fruit is very effective for weight loss process because it is rich in fiber.
If consumed regularly, can help reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. Diligent fig fruits can reduce fatigue, improve brain memory power, and prevent anemia. Laxative effect is contained in a tin of fruit can help treat chronic constipation. Fig fruit is rich in phenols and benzaldehid useful as anti-tumor agents, and can kill disease-causing microorganisms, fungi, viruses in the human body.
In addition to fruit, the leaves also have benefits. Some of the benefits of the drug for urinary stones, diabetes, and gout. "Boil five segments fig leaf, then drink the water," said Kelvin. The cooking water can help diabetic patients to reduce the amount of insulin intake and kidney infections.
How to Cultivate its
"How fig trees are very easy to transplant," he said. The method he used is a practical method of grafts. Media that takes is compost and loose soil. Compost can be replaced with coconut fiber for better results. The comparison is one to one.
Peel the stems of trees. Media that has been wrapped in plastic and put a little hole in the trunk before. Tie. The roots will grow in plastic for a period of three weeks. After the roots grow, cut. Planting in polybags then store in a cool place for one week. "After one week can be stored in the hot sun," he explained.
Fig tree is better if planted in hot areas. "How to move a fig tree from the polybags are also quite easy," jelsnya. Dig holes in the soil medium. Allow two to three days. After three days, mix the soil with compost or manure. Then move the plants from polybags.
Further treatment of this tree is watered every morning. "Ideally, the plant is sprayed or sprinkled with a mixture of M-4, water and sugar," he explained. The comparison is a half bottle of m-4, twenty liters of water, and half a kilo of sugar. Once mixed, let stand for three days. Spray on the leaves or flush on the stem. Fig tree planting should be in the morning, afternoon, or when the weather is overcast. "Not as hot," he concluded.
Fruit Tin

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