Sunday, September 11, 2011

CNN: World's most delicious cuisine Rendang, Tambo Cie Dah ...
Indonesia should be proud. Two typical dish rendang and fried rice that is placed in the top ranks of the most delicious food in the world (World's 50 Most delicious Foods) version of CNN.
It is based on a survey of the observer news station CNN, which was published on the site CNNGo. The survey was compiled by CNN's account on the social networking site Facebook.
Popular rendang Padang typical fried rice is followed in second and Sushi from Japan in third. Previous survey, ranking first in the world's most delicious food is the Massaman curry from Thailand.
The survey results are published in the pages of this site CNN launched 50 delicious food in the world produce rendang as a champion. "After the capture of more than 35,000 votes, the most delicious food in the world not Massaman curry, which we recommend, but the spicy marinated meat dish of West Sumatra," according to a CNN survey.
Other Indonesian food, Satay, also on the list at number 14. However, the quantity of food intake as a list of best in the world, Indonesia is still inferior to the origin of Thai food that six of them entered the top 50 ranks of delicious food in the world.
Thailand is aggressively promoting tourism, including culinary, with maximum support from their government. Here's a list of 10 foods in the world's most delicious version of CNN readers. 1. Rendang, Indonesia 2. Fried Rice, Indonesia 3. Sushi, Japanese 4. Tim yam goong, Thailand 5. Pad thai, Thailand 6. Som tan (papaya salad), Thailand 7. Dim sum, Hong Kong 8. Ramen, Japan 9. Peking duck, China 10. Massaman curry, Thailand.
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